International Running Tour FUN!

Trail Running Tour on Table MountainJoining a running tour is a great way to meet like-minded people and have a laugh, while getting some exercise AND learning about the city you are visiting. A few weeks ago we had a fabulous trail run on the face of Table Mountain, one of the official new seven wonders of nature, with representatives from FOUR different countries!
The first person to join the running tour was Mary Lou, a physio from the States, who was visiting Cape Town withTable Mountain Trail Running Tour Cape Town her daughter and wanted to see some more of Cape Town, on the run. Next to join was Michael, a medical student from Germany who was completing his stint in orthopaedics at Groote Schuur Hospital and was also interested in seeing Cape Town in a unique & active way. I extended the invite to our running guides Sean & Alana, to scout out some new trails & share some information with them along the way, and then some great Cape Town friends, Tina (also originally from Germany) and Gordon, also decided to join in the fun and add some local flavour! But that’s not all ….
As we were congregating on the slopes of the mountain I received a call from Thomas (who was promptly nicknamed Trail Running Tour on Table Mountain“Comet” due to a misunderstanding of his name over a not-so-great phone connection) who had literally just landed in Cape Town from London, and on discovering the unseasonably good weather we were experiencing (20 degrees C and sunshine in the middle of a dreary winter in Cape Town is always a treat!) decided to waste no time in getting out & gave us at Run Cape Town a call. Luckily Cape Town is not big & within minutes he’d joined our group of happy runners, ready to launch ourselves up and onto our iconic mountain.
Table Mountain Trail Running TourWe ran, we chatted, we shared running stories, we took pics, we spoke some German and at the end of it everyone had made some new international friends and had a blast! So next time you’re traveling to a new place and are looking for a unique and exciting way to see the city, visit and see if there’s a running tour operator to show you their city, in your running gear!