Table Mountain Rocks!

on top of table mountainRecently it seems we can’t get enough of our Mother City’s iconic Table Mountain, New 7 Wonder of Nature the pipe track, camps bay(since 2012) & playground for so many hikers, runners & nature enthusiasts.  Whether hiking, trail running, or simply sitting & enjoying the view, this mountain is just incredible!  On our latest hikes we have been delighted to see the dams on top of the mountain FULL TO OVERFLOWING; to the extent that the pipes that bring the water into the city have burst … good news for our water-starved city 😉

Winter is especially great for exploring the mountain, as whilst the weather can be extremely unpredictable and harsh, cooler days allow for many long hours exploring the many faces, crevices & outcrops of this 1065m-high-beauty,  in relative cool.  We’ve found numerous dew-dropped spider webs, waterfalls, rivers, exploded pipes on the pipe track, full dams, dassies as well as immense quiet, tranquility & peace.

Ontrail running in cape town a recent social hike up India Venster we found ourselves up above the clouds, enjoying brilliant sunshine utrail running on table Mountainp top whilst the city was blanketed in mist… And climbing up Skeleton gorge at this time of year one finds oneself climbing up a river, flowing with beautiful fresh mountain water, as opposed to a dry mountain path.

Last Sunday, our running guest from the States braved the inclement weather for a trailrun/hike up Corridor Ravine, coming across the backside of the mountain to the front, to descend via Platteklip Gorge – no mean feat in rainy & misty conditions!  Well done Hannah – we’re sure this will be great prep for your 50km trail run in Oregon in October 😉

And while the mountain is always there, we’re also still loving our Lion’s Head trail runs and city runs, which all offer incredible views of our mountain – it’s ever-present stability & beauty remains a constant source of inspiration & energy – thank you moukasteelspoort view of Lion's Headntain!