Running Across the SunStar: A Beacon of Hope for the Future

Running around Lion's Head and Signal HillYesterday evening Cape Town was shrouded in deeeep mist with very poor visibility, which means perfect conditions for trail running, despite the lack of mountain views!  Jan-Pieter from Holland and Peter from the UK braved the unseasonal fog & we set off on our trail running tour of Lion’s Head and Signal Hill.  Unfortunately the mist didn’t allow for great views of our beautiful mountains, however this evening we were lucky to run across a new and temporary landmark on the Cape Town skyline:  The SunStar.

The SunStar sculpture was designed by Cape Town artist and founder of the Robben Island Fence Project, ChrisThe SunStar seen on a running tour in Cape Towntopher Swift and is one of the projects for Cape Town World Design Capital 2014. The SunStar is a temporary art installation that is made from part of the original fence that once surrounded Robben Island, and will be here on Signal Hill for about 6 months before it is moved.  At night the artwork is particularly remarkable, as it is lit up using 4 000 strip LED lights, which have been repurposed from a previous installation.

This dramatic artThe Sun Star on Signal Hillwork, seen here in even more mysteriously dramatic conditions, shrouded in mist, has been placed on the historic Signal Hill in Cape Town, overlooking both the City and Robben Island, as a reminder of South Africa’s greatest story and a shining symbol of hope for the country’s future, inspiring “contemplation, reflection and conversation about our future”.